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Come on! Myths & Realities of Bleeding with First Intercourse

Come on! Myths & Realities of Bleeding with First Intercourse

There was little scientific research from the incidence of bleeding after first sexual intercourse, also it does not have any genuine relevance that is medical.

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Go_warriors_cc asks:

The length of time after having a girl’s very first time should they bleed for and just how hefty should they bleed?

Heather Corinna replies:

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There aren’t any “shoulds” right right here. Only a few ladies bleed with first-time sexual intercourse or any other forms of vaginal entry: in reality, many don’t. Why some women do — and for just how long they do — plus some don’t additionally differs.

As to exactly how a lot of women do and bleed that is don’t very very very first sexual intercourse, hardly any study happens to be done on that. That’s unsurprising since bleeding in one particular work of sex (instead than it taking place with regularity) usually does not have any genuine medical relevance, and medical providers and intercourse educators — if we’ve done our research — additionally basically have actually the answers we truly need currently. One research that has been done, cited by my buddy Hanne Blank inside her guide, Virgin: The Untouched History, was a casual one out of 1998 posted in the British Medical Journal by Dr. Sara Patterson-Brown. She unearthed that at the very least 63 per cent of this females she asked about bleeding and very first sex stated that they didn’t experience bleeding.