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Ask Scary Mommy: I Read My Tween’s Diary And Discovered Out She’s Gay

Ask Scary Mommy: I Read My Tween’s Diary And Discovered Out She’s Gay

Dear Scary Mommy,

I will be confident my 11-year-old child is just a lesbian–okay fine! –We read her diary. I understand my child features a crush on a woman inside her course. How can I allow her understand she can turn out if you ask me? Can I ask her straight if she likes girls to ensure we are able to have it call at the available? I must say I don’t care! I simply want her to understand i really like her unconditionally.

Oof. Personally I think this on therefore levels that are many. We’re going to reach the journal, but first I would ike to deal with the simple fact if she does identify somewhere along the LGTBQIA+ rainbow that you are already on the right path to strengthening your daughter’s emotional security, which will buffer her confidence and happiness. Unfortunately, a lot of moms and dads provide love that is saturated in buts and if-then statements. With regards to a child’s sex, sex identification, or gender phrase that does not fall in accordance with heteronormative tips, moms and dads will either will not acknowledge their child’s authenticity, will not let them express it, withhold help and cash if they don’t modification, or kick them out of our home until these are typically “normal. ”

We think twice to congratulate you because all parents must be therefore conflicted about choosing the way that is best to guide their queer son or daughter, but i want to many thanks. A lot of queer youth are maybe maybe not supported in the home. You can find a predicted 3.2 million youth that is LGBTQ the many years of eight and 18 residing in america.